DELTTA Group Holdings DGGI, Inc., (“DELTTA”) and or (“DELTTAGROUP”) and DELTTA Clean Green Environmental Solutions, Private Limited (“DCGES”) is the global industry leader offering revolutionary and innovative Net Zero Asset based “ENGINEERING SUSTAINABILITY SCIENCE” Services. Our leadership responsibility of steering a global industry Mission outlook stems from more than three (3) decades of experience that induces us to offer censorious mitigation options and deliver critically informed sustainable adaptation solutions, consistent with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Mission is to govern by our best practices tool kit of knowledge with Net Zero Asset for “Engineering Sustainability Science.” We believe it will contribute to climate justice and judicious transformation of our surroundings from the devastation caused by REFUSE and improve our World. Accordingly, DELTTA's quest focuses on pioneering visionary, innovative and revolutionary circular economy environmental opportunities and fulfilling our Corporate Social Responsibilities through preemptive measures derived from our results of Net Zero Asset Based Engineering Sustainability Science.

DELTTA is fully committed to mitigating the social impact and environmental damage increase by REFUSE on climate change by proactively addressing Greenhouse Gases (GHG) reduction through the sound and safe environmental circular economy REFUSE management best practices. We will deploy innovative and dynamic Adaptation Technology solutions supported by Net Based Asset Engineering Sustainability Science that focuses on creating a carbon-neutral environmental ecosystem designed for energy conservation and carbon emissions reduction. We endeavor to make a meaningful impact upon societies and the environment.

Fundamental to our Mission is to reduce GHG emissions through pioneering the design, development, and deploying of state-of-the-art NexGen Circular Economy REFUSE to Value Carbon Sink Ecosystems whose commercial and technical viability are vested in our Global Center of Distinction in Excellence (CODE). These Ecosystems will provide for the scientific repurposed application of resources into various types of renewable energy, Carbon Capture Sequestration and Utilization Systems, Blended Fuels, and renewed commodities.

DELTTA's promise to always imbue the spirit and principles of Net Zero Asset based Engineering Sustainability Science by the continuous steps of moving beyond the chasm and taking a quantum leap of bold, visionary, and revolutionary actions towards a positive contribution to our environment.

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